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Lava Cave Mapping with the Leica BLK360

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Lava Cave Mapping
The landscape of Auckland has been primarily shaped by historic volcanic activity. A sprawling city located in an isthmus, home to a network of over 50 dormant and extinct volcanoes. Numerous above ground volcanic cones are prominent features of the city’s skyline, but what many residents don’t realise is that… Read More

3 Ways Leica BLK360 Improved Workflow

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Leica BLK360 improved workflow
Leica BLK360 International Series #2: 3 ways Leica BLK360 improved workflow Stephen Gross, an Architectural Engineer at Valley Home Improvement in Northampton, Massachusetts, has had his Leica BLK360 since August of 2017. He recently shared with us how using the BLK360 has improved his workflow. #1: Site Visit Changes Before… Read More

Leica BLK360: Accurate Measurements and an Efficient Workflow

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Leica BLK360 International Series #1: Accurate Measurements and an Efficient Workflow Based in Stuttgart, Germany, Olaar specialise in architecture, construction and design for a range of indoor and outdoor projects including residential and commercial construction, urban development and concept studies for future builds. Maintaining Quality and Improving Efficiency With a… Read More

The Proliferation of Laser Scanning [Webinar]

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Laser Scanning
** This webinar has already happened but the recording is now available. ** Webinar Recording Available Here Faster, more accurate deliverables with laser scanning solutions. Hear and learn from the innovation applied by other industries. Featuring CBRE who will share the value of creating digital twins of building stock. The… Read More

Get the most out of your Leica BLK360 [Webinar]

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BLK webinar
** This webinar has already happened but the recording is now available. ** Webinar Recording Available Here Get the most out of your Leica BLK360: Deliver meaningful information The BLK360 is proving to be versatile across many applications and industries. At the touch of a button, you can capture 3D… Read More

ScanStation Comparison Chart – BLK360/RTC360/P-Series

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With Leica’s ever-increasing portfolio of scanning solutions, it’s hard not to be excited by the evolution of this industry. Our latest release, the RTC360, offers lightning fast pointcloud and HDR image capture with cutting edge in-field smart registration. When combined with the speed, scale and simplicity of Cyclone Register360, you’ll… Read More

Take A Virtual Walk Through Our Christchurch Showroom

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Come and take a virtual walk through our Christchurch Showroom to see what can be achieved with Leica BLK360 data and Leica TruView Cloud software. We scanned our showroom in Christchurch with the Leica BLK360 imaging scanner, processed the data in Cyclone Register 360 and exported to Leica TruView Cloud.… Read More

Ground-Breaking Cultural Heritage Project Merging HDS, AR & VR Technology

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Leica BLK360 Imaging Scanner
The Unreality Journeys Team and G2 Foundation are pushing the boundaries of HDS, AR & VR technology in this ground-breaking cultural heritage project. This collective of AR/VR/MR visionaries, programmers and render artists are on a mission to create a virtual replicate world to showcase the beauty and history of Central… Read More

New Leica BLK360 Quick To Impress At Harrison Grierson

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New Leica BLK360
Harrison Grierson are among the first group of NZ companies to secure a new Leica BLK360 imaging scanner and they’ve wasted no time putting their unit to work on multiple projects. As a leading engineering and design firm, Harrison Grierson are known for their forward thinking, innovative approach and depth… Read More

Congratulations Aurecon!

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Aurecon BLK360
We’re please to announce that Aurecon are the first company in NZ to receive a Leica BLK360 scanner! The Aurecon NZ team were quick to see the potential of the BLK360 and are keen to start using it across a diverse range of projects. “We’ve got a huge list of… Read More