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Leica Pavesmart 3D

Leica Geosystems’ revolutionary PaveSmart 3D for Curb & Gutter eliminates the need to set stringline for any kind of offset concrete paving application and gives you total jobsite flexibility and mobility. Fully automatic grade and steer control using 3D sensor technology means you can pave exactly where and when you want to, not where you’re forced to. Free yourself up from the cost and inflexibility of strings, stakes & hubs.
Leica Geosystems Machine Automation – setting new standards in paving productivity with fast setup, operator-friendly software and clutter-free jobsites.


The 3D solution

Eliminates the cost, potential for errors and logistical problems with measuring from hubs, installing and interpolating pins, setting and checking lines and removing it all after paving Leica PaveSmart 3D uses computerised project design files, straight from the architect’s CAD system Hundreds of projects – anything from simple one-off jobs to complex subdivisions – can be stored in one system Full 3D graphics allow you to see where you are, where you’re going, and verify there are no problems with the project design before you pave Pave any curb, monolithic or barrier profile with pinpoint accuracy. Bid lower than your stringline-based competitors and win more contracts.

The Benefits

  • Fully automatic all-track grade and steer
  • Puts the project plans directly on the machine
  • Puts operators in control of their own work
  • Simultaneous trim-and-pour capable
  • All the information your operator needs at-a-glance
  • Uses Leica Geosystems world-leading 3D sensor technology
  • Data can be imported from almost any CAD design system
  • Compatible with the widest range of GPS base stations, including CORS networks
  • The result of 10 years research, development knowledge and experience from the world’s first provider of stringless concrete paving technology
  • One supplier, one integrated solution

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PaveSmart 3D for Pavers & Planers