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Leica GeoAce

The Leica GeoAce was specifically designed with the Agriculture industry in mind. Providing fundamental remote support with access to Leica Geosystems patented Virtual Wrench™, farming’s first web based remote service, support and diagnostics tool. The Leica GeoAce’s cross compatibility with a large range of RTK and DGPS products allows it to work with new and existing farming equipment. Keeping up with cross compatibility the base station’s flexibility also supports open formats, not only with Leica Geosystems products but third party farming equipment.

The Leica GeoAce comes with the following features:

Positioning Specifically designed for a variety of farming circumstances
GPS and GLONASS operation as standard with future capabilities (Compass and Galileo)
Averaged mode (1, 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes, 1, 6, 12 and 24 hours)
Manual entry mode
Snap to previous mode
Import/export reference positions associated to previous jobs
Reference data Compatible with a large range of RTK and DGPS products
RTCM reference data (3.x format) as standard
CMR reference data as standard
Leica mojo1 reference data format
Modular radio incl. license free 868 MHz and 900MHz
Support for external radio
Optional delivery of reference data
Set up Intuitive user interface for an easy use
Simple wizards assist with set up
Software upgrade via USB or Internet

  • USB data import/export
  • Radio configuration and channel selection
  • Remote support via the push of a button
  • Virtual WrenchTM Industry leading patented infield support
  • Over the air software upgrades
  • Remote access to view live screens

Leica GeoAce