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In order to protect our staff and customers from Covid-19, please comply with these cleaning requirements before sending equipment into our Service Centres or returning Hire Equipment. 

Before You Send Equipment To Us:

  • Make sure we know to expect your equipment. Use the Service Centre Online Booking or Hire Equipment Online Booking system.
  • Ensure that the equipment and carry case is free from excessive dirt / dust.
  • Ensure that the equipment and carry case have been cleaned as per the requirements below.

Cleaning Requirements:

Recommended Cleaning Products:

Leica equipment can be disinfected by gently wiping the exterior housing, handles and base units with a disinfectant wipe that contain a minimum of 70% Isopropyl alcohol. If this is not possible, use a well known brand disinfectant alcohol wipe such as Dettol or Clorox to sanitise your equipment.

Products Not To Use:

Do Not Use regular house-hold cleaners and sprays, particularly harsh cleaning agents/solvents like acids, BAM, acetone, thinners, petrol, diesel, Turpentine, Jif, Handy Andy and Mr Muscle.

Cleaning Procedure:

  • Ensure you are wearing appropriate PPE e.g. disposable gloves.
  • Use a separate disinfectant wipe for each piece of equipment
  • Remove instrument and accessories from case
  • Remove batteries from instrument
  • Clean the instrument first, working from top to bottom,
  • Then clean the batteries and accessories.
  • Lastly clean the case (ensures no abrasive dust and sand is transferred from case to instrument).
  • Once all items are clean and dry return to case and close the case.

Cleaning Instructions:

  • Brush instrument down/wipe with slightly moistened cloth to remove dust and loose dirt.
  • Take care to NOT rub the instrument with excessive force or pressure.
  • Brush/vacuum/wipe the case and accessories with slightly moistened cloth to remove dust and loose dirt.
  • Wipe down instrument with cloth/wipes
  • Wipe down accessories and case with cloth/wipes
  • Do not immerse the instrument in any liquid
  • Wipe off any excess moisture with clean, dry cloth
  • Air dry instrument, case, and accessories – A hot water closet or in open air.
  • Ensure instrument and case are totally dry before packing away.

Take Extra Care with Leica Optical Devices:

Leica Laser Scanners, Total Stations and Digital levels have, delicate, precision optical objectives, eyepieces and mirrors.

  • Do Not attempt to clean the optical objectives, eyepieces and mirrors as it may result in damage or cause inaccuracies in observations/measurements.
  • Do Not rub off dust or debris as this may scratch the glass and possibly cause permanent damage to the special optical coatings.
  • Do Not use air from the pneumatic power system as this is slightly oily and may apply excessive force.

The glass optical objectives and mirrors as shown in the pictures below should not be cleaned:

Return Delivery of Equipment

We have a robust Health & Safety policy in place that covers handling and sanitising of inward and outward goods under Covid-19 guidelines.

All cases and equipment handling points will be carefully cleaned before equipment is returned to you.

Our Service Centres will endeavour to ensure that your equipment is repaired and serviced in a timely manner and reduce delays as best they can.

We’re Here To Help

If you are unsure of which cleaning agents to use or require assistance with the cleaning procedure, please do not hesitate to contact your nearest service centre.

If you do not have access to suitable cleaning products, let us know when you make your booking.

Contact our Service Centres on 0800 453 422 or email service@globalsurvey.co.nz