Leica Machine Control & Rovers

If you’re just starting out with construction technology you can’t go past these great deals to put you on the right path to increased productivity.

We’ll show you how to get the most out of your Leica technology, and with options to extend features later, these deals are a future-proofed investment!

Network Only Leica Rover – Starter Package

Incredible price on a network only Leica Rover!

  • Leica iCON GPS30 (new model) with controller & iCON Site software
  • GPS/Glonass
  • 6 months FREE SmartFix RTK subscription
  • Ability to upgrade to multi-constellation
  • Includes training and unparalleled ongoing support

Leica Machine Control & Rovers

Leica iCON Excavate – GPS Starter Package

Leica iCON 3D Excavator System – Get digging now to grade with 3D designs at a price you won’t believe!

  • Leica RTK dual GPS 3D excavator system
  • Includes latest MC1 hardware/software
  • Everything you need to get working
  • Ability to upgrade and add more features later if needed
  • Includes installation, training and unparalleled ongoing support

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Our Commitment To Unparalleled Support

One of the key benefits of being a Global Survey customer is access to our large team of 8 highly skilled machine control experts.

We’re committed to delivering industry-leading service and unparalleled support for our customers and we have the technical expertise and experience to minimise your downtime and keep you working.

We take care of the installation, calibration, training and maintenance, so you can focus on what you do best.

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