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Leica Digicat 600i locators

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The Leica Digicat 600i has the same functionality as the Digicat 500i with additional onboard memory and Bluetooth connectivity.  The onboard memory records information of how the Digicat 600i is used; this can then be uploaded by using the Logicat software via Bluetooth connectivity and additional analysis can identify operator trends, training requirements and how the locator was used following a near miss or utility strike.

Available for 50Hz or 60Hz to suit your regions mains power frequency.


Digicat 500i

Digicat 550i

Digicat 600i

Digicat 650i

Digicat 700i

Digicat 750i

Frequency / Mode Power mode 50 Hz or 60 Hz, Radio mode 15 kHz to 60 kHz, Transmitter mode 8 kHz and 33 kHz, Auto mode = Power + Radio mode Depth detection (typical) Power to 3m, Radio to 2m, Transmitter mode dependant on signal transmitter or sonde Protection Conforms to IP54 Batteries 6 x AA alkaline (IEC LR6), supplied Battery life 40 hours intermittent use (at 20°C) Weight 2.7kg including batteries Depth estimation Not available 10% of depth in line or sonde

(0.3 to 3m depth range) Not available 10% of depth in line or sonde

(0.3 to 3m depth range) Not available 10% of depth in line or sonde

(0.3 to 3m depth range) Bluetooth® Not available Not available Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled Compatibility Not available Not available CSV file compatibility program Memory size Not available Not available 32MB memory 32MB memory 64MB memory 64MB memory GIS mapping capability X X X X Integrated GPS technology X X GPS type* Chipset: u-blox®GPS, Technical Data; Type: L1 frequency, C/A code GPS accuracy** Position 2.5 m CEP, SBAS 2.0 m CEP GPS start time Cold 34s typical, Warm 34s typical, Hot 1s typical

* All data/information according to Manufacturer u-blox®GPS; Leica Geosystems does not assume any liability whatsoever for such information.

** Accuracy is dependent upon various factors including atmospheric conditions, multipath, obstructions, signal geometry and number of tracked satellites.

Download the Leica Digicat i Series Brochure

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